Immediate help for victims of human trafficking

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If you suspect a minor is a victim of human trafficking

Department of Human Services / Child Welfare Services

(808) 832-1999

(808) 832-5292 (fax)

Toll Free

1 (888) 398-1188

1 (888) 988-6638 (fax)

Statewide Services for Hawai'i

(808) 721-9614

Sex Abuse Treatment Center

(808) 524-7273

24-hour crisis support

Confidential crisis assistance, support, referrals, tip reporting, and general information

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

1 (888) 373-7888

Text "HELP" to

233733 (BEFREE)

3pm - 11pm Eastern Time

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Emergency assistance

Mandated Reporter Checklist

To file a report of human trafficking, please:

  1. Complete one checklist for each trafficked child/victim.
  2. Review all available records and fill out the checklist as completely as possible, especially key areas which help locate and assess children.
  3. Upon completion of the checklist, immediately call the Human Trafficking Reporting Line (Oahu or Toll Free) to complete your oral report. Be sure to obtain the name of the intake social worker to document receipt and disposition of your referral.
  4. Fax or mail the checklist with comments to DHS immediately after verbally reporting to the intake worker.

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